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General Disclaimers

This wiki aims to be a repository of information regarding the manosphere at larges. The wiki does not endorse, agree nor disagree with any information added by users. Mods of this site endeavor to monitor & appropriately deal with any material which breaks the rules, but are not able to be online all the time. As such, information added is responsability of the user adding it in accordance with the law. Manosphere Wiki takes no responsibility for any actions whatsoever of users. This wiki is not the domain of any particular forum or site, it is it's own site with admins from different places. This wiki does not support or condone violence, and is against the incitement of violence. This wiki has no association with Wikipedia.


There are no ads or crypto software running on this site. No one is making money or profiting off the site or any pages on the site. All images and text are used for commentary or satirical purposes. The only things that look like ads on this site are fake and satirical, they aren't actual ads and don't provide anyone or any site anything.

Satire is covered by Fair Use, and no one makes money off this site.

License to use material

As of now there is no overarching license to use the material on the wiki, unless the author has released his writing under a license on his user page, or text is released under a license on the page. Use of wiki content may fall under fair use if used for commentary or criticism. As such, we allow video makers/streamers to record the site, and journalists/academia to excerpt it. Material used for commentary purposes should NOT be altered. All original material written by ohiojake is released under the CC0 license.